Beyond The Pale

Angel On the 7th Stair (CD $15.99)
1. The Collier's/ The Floggin'/ Toss the Feathers
2. The Star of the County Down/ Kaw-liga
3. Amanda's Jig/ Australian Waters/ First Night in America
4. Mattie Groves
5. Lamentation of Owen Roe O'Neill/The Brown Coffin/ Paddy on the Turnpike
6. The Angel On the 7th Stair
7. The geese in the Bog/ Muckin'o'Geordie Byre/Drummond Castle
8. I Want You
9. The Tamlin/ Princess Morgan/ The Star of Munster
10. The Wild Geese (song)/ The Wild Geese (air)
11. The Hangin' Set (MacPherson's Lament/The Long Black Veil/Paddy's Leather Breeches)
12. The Faery Flag/ Skye Boat Song/ Orange & Blue/ The Drunken Pipers

Life is All Chequered (CD $15.99)
1. Life is All Chequered/Christy McLeod's Jig/Stool of Repentance
2. Mickey's Warning
3. Farewell to Glasgow/Blair Atholl
4. That Rakish Fiddler, Hardiman/Hardiman the Fiddler
5. Killworth Hills/ Bonnie Dundee
6. Cliffs of Moher/ Rakes of Kildare
7. Rose of Ardee
8. Peerie Hoose Ahint the Burn/ Da Full Rigged Ship/ Bonapart's March
9. Galway races
10. Maids of Mitchellstown/ Cottage Groves/ Gravel Walk
11. Lochaber No More/ Burning of the Piper's Hut
12. Lady Dysie
13. Wind That Shakes the Barley/ Maid behind the Bar/ The Earl's Chair
14. Finnegan's Wake
The reviews speak for themselves:
"Beyond the Pale produces music so beautiful and captivating, you can scarcely believe three people have created sounds this lush and full."-M.R. Jones, EGuide Magazine
"These people are high energy performers who put their hearts and souls into the music. A truly unusual and fascinating group."-Bob Bryant, EGuide
"...a good showcase of talent..A band with a promising future." Dirty Linen Magazine
Beyond the Pale present a highly entertaining variety of traditional Celtic instrumentals and songs and original compositions by the members.

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