Ceili's Muse

Circles of Stone (CD $15.99)

1. Crazy Man Michael
2. Ca' The Yowes to the Knowes
3. The Queen of Argyll
4. The Tinkerman's Daughter
5. My Lagan Love
6. The Green Fields of France
7. All That You Ask Me
8. Johnny Jump Up
9. The Winter Is Past
10. The Lea Rig
11. Red Haired Mary
12. Ae Fond Kiss
13. Mothers, Daughters, Wives
14. What You Do With What You've Got

Muse Secret #73 (Cassette $11.99)

1. Joy of My Heart
2. Leaves in The Wind
3. Carraigdhoun
4. Johnny I Hardly Knew Ye
5. The Scotsman
6. With Her Head Tucked Underneath Her Arm
7. All Around My Hat
8. She Moved Through The Fair
9. Song For Ireland
10. Cockles And Mussels (Molly Malone)
11. Nobody's Moggy Now
12. Lilly The Pink

The Dark Lady (CD $15.99)
(currently unavailable)
1. Korelia's Song
2. Ashfield's And Brine
3. The Dark Lady
4. Wild Geese
5. Don't Get Married, Girls
6. The Galway Farmer
7. Heroes
8. Anywhere
9. Arthur McBride
10. Crow On The Cradle
11. Donegal Diamond
12. Twiddley-Aye
Coming Soon: One Voice (the debut recording of Ceili's Muse)    
If soaring female vocal harmonies is what you crave, then this is the CD for you. These women possess voices so perfectly suited for each other it is often difficult to tell which is which. In the six years Ceili's Muse played together, their beautiful and sensitive work with harmonies and guitar accompaniment captured hearts from Texas to Ireland.

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