Gordian Knot

Midsummer Knot's Dream (CD $15.99)
1. Misty Moisty Morning
2. The Cruel Sister
3. The Dusk Is Always Amber
4. Ready For The Storm
5. Plain Girl's Lament
6. Tom Of Bedlam
7. The Long Black Veil
8. The Trooper And The Maid/ Mathew's Reel
9. The Joker And The Thief
10. The Twentienth Room
11. Green Grow The Rashes
12. A Song Of Peace

"The Celtic tradition must be flourishing when it can serve as a wellspring for...a vivid, folk-inspired treatment from Gordian Knot. This four piece group from Houston...present both songs drawn from the tradition and fine original compositions inspired by it. They take risks with their style and they pull it off very well. If you are looking to sing along or get up and dance, get Midsummer Knot's Dream" - Dirty Linen.

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