Maggie Carchrie & Thomas Leigh

Songs the Mermaid Sang (CD $15.99)
1. Oran na Maidhgean Mhara
2. Cape Breton Set
3. Hi U Bhi Mairi Anna
4. 'S Ann an Ile
5. Creag Ghuanach
6. Morag a Dun Bheagan
7. Mac-a-Phi/ Hop High Ladies
8. Cha Bhi Mi Buan
9. 'S Cruinn Donn Sciopalta
10. Am Bratach Bana
11. Hooley in the Henhouse
12. Oran do Ghille a Chaidh a Bhathadh
13. Puirt a Beul
14. The Dark Island
15. Seallaigh Curaidh Eogainn

Ru-Ra (CD $15.99)
1. The Kissing Reel
2. 1000 Deathshrouds Upon Love
3. Two Sisters
4. Sad Am I
5. White Banners
6. The Selchie
7. Two Pence Worth
8. The End of the Beginning
9. A Restless Night
10. Dancing Birds & Reluctant Lovers
11. The Black Mill
12. Heather of Rona
At only 24 years old, Maggie Carchrie is already an accomplished singer of traditional Scottish Gaelic song. Dirty Linen Magazine stated that Maggie was "well on her way to being a star in the world of Celtic music." She performs regularly in New England and throughout the East Coast festival circuit.

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