The Poor Clares

Resurrected Lover (CD $15.99)
1. The Resurrected Lover
2. Maid At the Spinning Wheel Jig Set
3. Steer By the Stars
4. Hornpipe Set
5. Lost Jimmy Whelan
6. A Crack in the Doorway Reel Set
7. Lover's Last Chance
8. All Around My Hat
9. The Old Bush Reel Set
10. Ushag Veg ruy
11. Ar Vistri Gozh
12. When I sing About You
13. Paddy O'Blivious Set
14. Sean Agus Maire
15. Any Day Now Reel Set
16. Elvis

Change of Habit (CD $15.99)
1. Dance To Your Daddy
2. Andrea's Brown Eyes/The Wild Boys of Craigavon/Rolling in the Rye Grass
3. Greenwood Laddie
4. The Well Below the Valley
5. Ma Bhaile Bheag
6. Dark Stranger's Ceili
7. In Connemara
8. Castle Kelly/Holly Bush/Road To Jaffa/Connemara Stockings/Lord McDonald's
9. Stone Whispers
10. Tommy Coen's/Duke of Leinster
11. Handsome Cabin Boy
12. Humors of El Pueblo
13. Up A Winding River/
14. Three Little Boats Went Out to Sea/Tim Avalon's/Jimmy Ward's
15. Hot Asphalt
16. Arrane Oie Vie
Songs For Midwinter (CD $15.99)
1. The Moon Shines Bright
2. Trinquez
3. A Blessing
4. I Wonder As I Wander
5. Flanagan's Frozen Well
6. Seven Rejoices of Mary
7. Cherry Tree Carol
8. Ny Kirree Fo Niaghtey
9. The Holly Bears a Berry
10. Nollaig Shona
11. Tree of Life
12. Shuheen, Shu
13. Remember the Poor
14. Simple Gifts/Lord of the Dance
15. The Reawakening
16. Gloucestershire Wassail
"When I sat down to write this article, I pondered just how I would find words adequate to describe the rich and rare voice of Betsy McGovern, the exciting lilt of Beth Waggoner, the sensitivity of Justin Murphy, the versatility of Randy Randolph, and the musical greatness of Patrick O'Flaherty, - otherwise known as The Poor Clares." - Henry Tilson, Baton Rouge Acoustic & Folk Society News

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