Big Sky

Volume 1:The Source (CD $15.99)
1. Golden Hair
2. Las Temporadas
3. Millenium Girl
4. Angel
5. Delicious
6. New Sardinia
7. Fly So High
8. Biro Guiro
9. Ambient Beach

Big Sky is a totally new band project. Formed out of the Celtic Grooves concerts, Big Sky-Volume 1:The Source features a roll call of the finest traditional and roots musicians of Scotland. Led by two of the core members of Capercaillie (Charles McKerron and John Saich), vocalist Laura McKerron came on board to lend her sensuous, honeyed style melodies to the raw energy of the fiddle, electric guitar and wicked drum loops. These are not musicians playing Celtic music- just Celtic people playing how they feel, from World beat through drum & bass, to bluegrass.

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