Hat Trick (CD $15.99)
1. Jock in London/IDon't Wanna Go to Bed
2. Say Nothing
3. Odessa/La Filamena
4. Came For A Dance
5. All Around My Hat
6. Hat Trick
7. Long is the Dark
8. Pride Over Dollars/Miners Polka
9. Mershin Derkin
10. Look What Your Love Has Done
11. I'll Be True To My Love
12. That's All You Do
13. El Bandito/Orange Blossom Special
14. Prospector's Lament

Moon Over The Interstate (CD $15.99)
1. The Sierra Madre
2. Rosie
3. The Lang Town/Unfortunate Rake
4. Cash For Gold
5. Up Spoke The Baby
6. Old Tramp Steamer
7. Mi Casita
8. Moon Over The Interstate
9. Holding On/I Want To Polka/Skoda lasky/Carnival Mundo
10. Dance With Me Johnny
11. La Llorona
"This is music about drinking, loving, sex and life. Despite the potential for it, the Mollys are no gimmick group. The music is honest, and the elements are combined so flawlessly that it's like a shot of 80-proof Bushmills: smooth and full of character, but with each element retaining its distinctive flavor." Patrick O'Donnell, The Express-Times

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