Across the Water (CD $15.99) (currently unavailable)
1. It Was A'For Our Rightfu' king
2. Siuil a Ruin
3. Under Fiery Skies
4. Missing You
5. My Father's Ship
6. What I Am Thinking
7. The Witch of the Westmerelands
8. When Margaret Was Eleven
9. Erin-Go-Bragh
10. Dawning's Whisper
11. Geestracks in the Snow/Nekkid Mudwrestling/Eileen O'Grady
12. The West's Awake

Unabridged (CD $15.99)
1. Black is the Color
2. "Scotland Uber Alles" Set
3. Generations of Change
4. Katie's Visit To San Francisco/ Full-Rigged Ship
5. Arthur McBride
6. The Boys of Barr na Sraide
7. Back To Tyrone
8. The Auld Triangle
9. Road To Glory
10. Oro Se Do Bhatha Abhaille
11. The Mosstrooper's Lament
12. Another Man's Cause
No Reason (CD $15.99) (currently unavailable)
1. Maids of Mitchellstown/Silver Spear
2. Thousands Are Sailing
3. Wild Mountain Thyme
4. Cunningham's Waltz
5. Come Out You Black & Tans/Bus Stop Reel
6. Is Fad o Bhaile Dauthneoinn
7. Easy and Slow
8. The Magees' Set: Skye Boat Song/Austin Tierney's/Brenda Stubbert's
9. Among the Living
10. Gallipoli/Hector MacDonald the Hero
11. Banish Misfortune/The Traveler/Congress Reel/Duffy the Dancer
12. Rising of the Moon
13. Restless Farewell
No Strangers Here (CD $15.99)
1. John Barleycorn
2. North Country Fair
3. Celtic Hotel Set
4. Marching
5. Shoals of Herring
6. The Crack was 90 in the Isle of Man
7. Crooked Bridge Set
8. Tiger Bay
9. The Barnyards of Delgaty
10. The Cowboy Song
11. Brand New Legacy
12. A Man's a Man for A' That
Brilliant arrangements of old, new, and original Celtic songs and tunes make for an unparalled listening experience. What's being called a departure into more experimental rock with the Celtic slant is turning heads nationwide and catching praise from the likes of Eileen Ivers and Paddy Reilly.

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