Ed Miller

Scottish Voice (CD $15.99)
1. When the Boys Come Rolling Home
2. The Collier Laddie
3. Pittenweem Jo
4. The Best of the Barley
5. The Jute Mill Song
6. Caledonia
7. Men of Worth
8. Jock O'Braideslee
9. Tae the Begging
10. Darling Ailie
11. The City of Chicago
12. Highland Laddi

At Home With Exiles (CD $15.99)
1. Pittenweem Jo
2. Darling Ailie
3. The John McLean March
4. Blood Upon the Grass
5. A Bottle o'the Best
6. Mistress
7. Yellow On the Broom
8. The Jute Mill Song
9. Crooked Jack
10. The Broom o'the Cowdenknowes
11. Generations of Change
12. A Man's A Man
13. At Home With the Exiles
14. Tak A Dram

Live At The Cactus Cafe (CD $15.99)
1. Introduction
2. Wild Mountain Thyme
3. I Wish They'd Do It Now
4. Wi His Grey Beard Newly Shaven
5. High Jeannie High
6. The Overgate
7. The Old Woman and Her Cat
8. Burke and Hare
9. Loch Lomond Parody
10. Take Her In Your Arms
11. Now You're Gone
12. The Buildings/The Old Pubs
13. The Jeely Piece Song
14. Children's Song Medley
The Edinburgh Rambler (CD $15.99)
1. Home Away From Home
2. The Rigs o'Rye
3. The Edinburgh Rambler
4. Muir & the Master Builder
5. Room For Us All in the Dance
6. Free Wheelin' Now
7. Same Old Story
8. The Shearin's No' for You
9. The Silver Darlins/I Hae Laid a Herrin' in Saut
10. Scots Whae Hae
11. The Teachers's Rant
12. The Green and the Blue
13. The Devil Made Texas/The Irish Washerwoman/The Lads o'Duns/Duns Dings A'
Originally from Edinburgh, Scotland, Ed is a product of the 1960's folk revival in Scotland, having progressed from sessions in Edinburgh pubs to appearances at folk clubs throughout Scotland. He is a superb and well-respected singer. His voice and style have that unique ability to "turn on" the uninitiated and open the door for them to Scottish traditional singing -an ability which he shares with only a select few others. Ed's voice soars throughout them all, as distinctive, smooth and satisfying as a good malt whisky. As the folk music critic for The Scotsman newspaper wrote, "We couldn't ask for a more tasteful and accomplished ambassador of Scots’ song."

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