Under one Sky (CD $14.99)
1. Cantigas #42 & #33
2. March of the King of Leix/ Spootiskerry Reel
3. Spencer the Rover/ Under One Sky
4. Inisheer
5. King of the Pipers
6. There Was A Lady
7. Yesterday's Kisses/ Cantiga #353
8. Summer's End/ Scotch Cap
9. Fanny Poer
10. Paddy's Lamentation
11. Aran Boat Song
12. Whistle reels
13. Greensleeves
14. Morning Dew/ Bach To Front
15. Cuckoo's Nest/ Cuncti Simus
Out of Time (CD $14.99)
1. Cantiga/ la Rotta
2. Foggy Dew
3. Planxty Irwin/Dalesman's Littany
4. Raggle Taggle Gypsies
5. Nonesuch
6. Planxty George Brabazon
7. Lauda/ Suzy macGuire
8. Streets of London
9. Battle of Aughrim
10. Banish Misfortune/ Bill's Fancy/ Morrison's Jig

Instruments like the dulcimer, harp and flute were played by the Egyptians, the Persians, the Greeks and the Romans. Wyndnwyre performs on Medieval and Renaissance versions of these and other instruments. The music they play is also ancient, stretching back to medieval Europe, and hinting of even earlier times. The songs they sing come mostly from Celtic traditions.

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